Friday, July 30, 2004

collective detecting

So, apparently, Microsoft is doing the whole underground publicity thing for Halo 2. They had a trailer for the game, and some smart people noticed that they flashed a link for, and took it upon themselves to look it up, where, (if you see for yourself) you can see that it's just all fudged up. The publicity game is basically, figure out what the hell is going on, well, as best you can. So this got me nostalgic for the first such game, the A.I. game, or, as apparently the puppetmasters called it, "The Beast". I know Ned & Dixon will disagree with me on this, but I think it's one instance where the promo campaign was much much much cooler than the movie. No, really. The best part being, that it never said it was a game. I can't claim to be a cloudmaker, cause I stumbled upon it pretty late, and never devoted my life to the game, but I saw the coolness. I think it'll be a challenge for any similar immersion games to follow up on it, since it did do it first, and that bought it a lot. Anyway, if I didn't have, y'know, stuff to do, I'd be all over this new one, but I'm pretty sure it's well in hand. And if you want to read a pretty cool piece on immersive games, and a good overview of the whole Beast thing, check this out(it does have the obligatory "how does this relate to 9-11 part to it, but once you get past that page, it's good). I actually hadn't known before that Sean Stewart wrote the Beast. I really liked his book Galveston, so cool. I'm off to NYC to help Karlee move this weekend, so I'll see you cats later. (oh, and thanks futurismic for the memories)

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