Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Papa wants an iPod

So this site says it'll give me an iPod if I get 5 friends to follow this link, and register... something.

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Anonymous said...

But Noah, all you need to do to get an iPod is give an iPod retailer the 12 digits in your credit card number! They'll even place the iPod in a handy plastic shopping bag that typically showcases the name of the retailer. This bag can be reused for many useful purposes, such as transporting a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to work, or a turkey sandwich to work, or even a ham and cheese sandwich.

I really doubt that the freeipods.com promotion would provide a reusable plastic shopping bag. They don't mention anything about a shopping bag, so I would be awfully suspicious about the offer.

- (Someone who goes by his middle name and has bought three -- three! -- iPods in total).