Sunday, February 25, 2007

February Reading List

Viriconium by M. John Harrison. Started it in January, but never finished. More a collection of related novelletes than anything else. Well written, but dense, which made it hard to hold my interest on my commute. The ... I guess baroqueness is the word I want use, reminds me a lot of China Mieville. Who has a coming out. Which is a little weird. The Last Continent by Terry Pratchett. A reread. Pratchett's always fun. I suspect I would find this one funnier if I knew more about Australia. Myth Conceptions by Robert Asprin. I'd read another one in this series a long time ago (Myth-ing Persons, since I still own it), but I think the time when I would have really enjoyed this has passed. Ah, childhood days spent reading & rereading Xanth books.... To Reign in Hell by Steven Brust. I really enjoyed Brokedown Palace, so when I saw this on Brian & Becky's shelves, I picked it up. I did ask first. A good religious fantasy. I'd use a reference to "Sympathy for the Devil" here, since that what it is, in effect, but I think Brust uses the reference himself. This is all out of order and stuff, but I forgot to put down The Stupidest Angel, by Christopher Moore, which Greg lent me. A christmas story, with zombies. Not to mention a post-apocalyptic warrior woman, talking fruitbat, and a good way to create masochistic rats. Funny stuff, as always. Just finished The Book of Jhereg, which is more Steven Brust. Actually three books: Jhereg, Yendi, and Teckla. Not as good as the rest of his stuff I've read recently, but fun, and actiony. Plus, it's kind of interesting to be reading a fantasy main character who's, you know, married. And working at it.

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