Friday, November 05, 2010

Liner Notes for Rachel's Birthday Mix

  1. Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

    I had this in a mix for you, and then heard it in a commercial while hanging out
    at my in-laws. So I figured I better lead with it, so you could listen to it
    quickly, before you started associating it with insurance, or whatever. I have
    a thing for songs that are dialogues.

  2. This Too Shall Pass by OK Go

    So you've probably one of the two videos for this. I actually prefer the
    marching band one to the Rube Goldberg one, but that might just be because
    I saw the marching band one first. Plus, camoflauged brass section!

  3. Daniel by Bat for Lashes

    A bit more mellow than the previous songs, but kinda hauntingly beautiful.

  4. The Great Defector by Bell X1

    I keep finding these songs that remind me of the Talking Heads. Which is a good
    thing, because there is no more Talking Heads.

  5. How Soon Is Now by smithsproject

    Apparently this lady (Janice Whaley) is attempting to cover every Smiths song.
    Quite the undertaking, neh?

  6. No More Little Lion Man by Mumford & Sons

    There's a sound that guitars can make that's like the breaking silence that
    rushes before a storm. It bodes. And after capturing you with that, this
    just shows off some fast picking.

  7. Flash by Queen

    This is the song that got me started liking Queen. Jason was giving me a ride
    somewhere, and this was playing on his stereo. I had no idea who Flash was,
    and Jason was flabbergasted.

  8. Hard Times by John Legend & The Roots (feat. Black Thought)

    Kar and I went to see the Roots this fall. It was a great show - but it went
    so late that we had to leave early. Lots of fun, a little funk, and a guy
    dancing all over the stage with a tuba.

  9. In The Midnight by Langhorne Slim

    I challenge you not to want to get up and dance.

  10. Sixteen Feet - Cantina Band by Dominic Sagolla

    I would be abandoning my duties as a little brother if I didn't include something
    at least a little bit silly or Star Wars related.

  11. Men Without Ties by Paul Westerberg

    Paul Westerberg is one of those artists I didn't really notice until recently
    (barring a duet with Joan Jett). And I figured that if I was going to include
    any of his music on here, that this one was the most apropos, coming from me.

  12. Mongrel Heart by Broken Bells

    I was actually thinking about putting another song of theirs on here (The High Road),
    but I decided to go for something else off the same album, because I figured you'd
    already heard it. If not, check it out - it's a major earworm. Half of the band
    is DangerMouse, who is also half of Gnarls Barkley.

  13. Weight of the World by Pigeon John

    The other day, I was looking through a used DVD store for a copy of the Addams Family
    for Kar, and I heard this over the stereo. I recognized it, but didn't know from where.
    When I got home, I realized that I owned it. I own more music than I've listened to,
    but I try to keep tabs on the music I actually like.

  14. Owner of a Lonely Heart by Yes

    Pure 80s, and there's nothing wrong with that.

  15. The Mines of Mozambique by Bruce Cockburn

    I know you like Bruce Hornsby, and I figured one Bruce is much like another.

  16. Sweep the Leg by No More Kings

    Really, the original Karate Kid movie prejudices you against the Johnny character.
    You don't know what he's going on, other than an sensei who's obviously got skewed

  17. You Turn The Screws by Cake

    A little outro from Cake to get the groove going.

  18. Born Slippy by Kupek

    Trainspotting might not be your favorite movie in the world (I know it's not mine),
    but the original version of this song is one of my favorites off the soundtrack.
    This is a cover by a guy who did a comic book I like, and I thought it was nifty.

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