Saturday, May 08, 2004

Grrr. Know what's less fun than writing a post? Writing a post, and then losing it. Yet again, my disablitly to distinguish between the letters q and q has proven my bane. I mean c and q. Yeah. Anyway, I've got about 20 links to post. Most I found through Warren & Neil, so visit those guys. They write about cool stuff, on and off the web. Absolute temperature. Good enough for science. Good enough for religion? So, when I first heard about sound beams, using hypersonics to project sound in a narrow cylinder, it sounded like vaporware. So I did a little research, and it sounds like a feasible technology, though I'm not sure if International Robotics, is on the up and up, or just riding the tide. While we're being geeky, if you like computers, this is pretty interesting. Hardware that guesses, gains on energy efficiency. For the eco-geek, an island in Norway, or one of those swedish places, is using the windy season to stockpile hydrogen for energy during the not-so windy season. Hmmmm.... I lack a segue. However, I did just discover how to spell "segue," so I feel pretty good. In any case, evidently, there might be changes on the way for the draft. I actually feel pretty good about this. I mean, obviously I’m not enthused about an increased amount of time to be eligible, that’s no fun, but, on the other hand, I’m very in favor of women being required to register for the draft. I consider myself a feminist, and I don’t think there’s any such thing as equal rights without equal responsibilities. Since young fathers can be drafted (I think, somebody check on this for me, k?), I think this would mean young mothers could be drafted as well. Which raises some questions. What happens to the kids now, if both their parents are drafted, or their only parent is drafted. Handing out exclusions just because there is a child, or a young child, would be rapidly abused in any situation when the draft would be conceivable. Maybe a kid would have to have at least one parent at home, so single parents would be okay, and only one parent of two parent families could be drafted. Hmmm. Requires thought. Anyway, as long as we’re talking defense, I heartily recommend Bruce Schneier’s article on security. Everything has a cost, and a benefit, the trick is open-eyed appraisal of each, and an appropriate weighing. Terror Alert Level Though I think the cost of this terror alert system is fairly low. With that in mind, fun stuff. You ever go to a show, have a fun time, then leave, and want to listen to it again. Right then? These guys did. I mean, Pearl Jam did start selling all their concerts a while ago, but it wasn't quite instant. Plus, now you could conceivably get any show you go to. Long range smoke rings. Science is cool. A fairly fairy tale. Traffic is worse on the west coast, but they make good movies. Cute animals. Who die in horribly gory ways. I'd seen the figurines up on St. Marks, but I never dreamed. Zim's out on DVD Talking with the Aqua Teen Creators metal Oooh pretty. Fun with Photoshop. Love brings the sexes together. Chemically. later, skaters. noah

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