Thursday, May 20, 2004


So today, less ramble, more links, cause I really need to get up, and actually do stuff, like finish unpacking my room. Anyway, looks like Meegan's movie might be released soon. I hope that means production has actually ended, 'cause when I last talked to her a couple months ago, it hadn't. She did say Frank Oz was fun to work with though. Plus, cool new Jet Li action flic soonish. I wonder if we'll ever get casshern? Can't stop & wonder, must keep on going... Pretty 8-bit theatre guest strip, the guy's art reminds me of, what's his name, guy who did that book about King David, uhm, Kyle Baker. Had to look that one up. Universal Unitarianism is having some issues in Texas, and I'm on their side. The requirement that a religion must have "simply a belief in God, or gods, or a higher power" does seem rather basic, but it can be kind of exclusive. Holiness isn't exclusively related to power, is it? A strict belief in reincarnation would certainly seem religious to me, yet it contains no assumptions about a higher power. Just a thought. Seen on Drudge . Continuing our madcap pace... Meghan posted a link to this story about an 18 month old kid who ran away from home. Everybody's an early bloomer at something I guess. So, want to know what the 77th richest country in the world is? Richer than India or China? Everquest. Not earn a wage of 342 platinum an hour, but there's an exchange rate of about 100pp to the dollar, which ain't bad from a global standpoint. Hmmm... I should finish reading the article too.... Oooh and a new method of flight, gee, thanks Futurismic. And of course, this is the part where I steal links from Neil, but only two today. "Childless couple told to try sex", which shows that a perfect system of ignorance training requires cheating to perpetuate itself, and today's quote: "Spidey fights a shark. A rabid shark? Nope: Spidey filled the shark's mouth with web fluid so he couldn’t chew anything. "This is stupid. Spiderman never fights in water; it’s not his element. For one thing his webshooters would have a hard time underwater. Au contraire, you say, they are very powerful devices. Really? So he misses a wall, breaks a window, shoots a line into some old lady’s apartmentand smashes the ceramic figurines? Maybe. Perhaps it happens from time to time. Given all the good he does, perhaps he gets a pass on this one. "It just wouldn’t be like him not to apologize, though. "On the other hand, a head popping in your 37th floor window saying “Sorry!” might be worse than destroying her collection of frog statuettes from around the world. "Maybe he just sends flowers. I don’t know. Up to him, really." I even forgive the guy for misspelling Spider-Man. outie5000.

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