Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Links o' a completely different day.

More calligraphy at Sinfest, and there's also some fresh Red Meat. But the panel of the day belongs to 8-bit theatre Meanwhile, Drudge pulled up some fun stuff: Florida's foodstamps are managed by India. Not Indiana, but India, the country that's its own sub-contintent. I'm really thinking about the logic here. Your residents can't get a job, so you give them food stamps, and you put the job of managing the food-stamps out of their reach. This is some wacky, reverse tarriff thing, isn't it. Two things I don't do, shoot guns & fish, together at last/ Another sort of odd, Reese's peanut-butter cup-type combination, only more of not do, one's butt and a firecracker. So, Warren mentioned Liz Gorinsky, today, which makes me feel, like, total fan-boy proud. Cause I know her, and he knows of her, and that's like one degree of Kevin Bacon away. cool. Apparently, Liz got a job at Tor, which puts her in a position to be nice to Warren's friends. Futurismic not only gave me the heads up on Bruce Schneier's new article, but also told me how the French figured out how to read blacked-out classified information, in declassified CIA documents. Maybe not good, but cool. But the best link of the day, comes courtesy of Beautiful Stuff:Ancient Greek Jokes, like A friend met an intellectual, and said: "Congratulations! You've got a baby boy!" The intellectual replied: "Thanks to buddies like you!". ah, ancient greece. you rock.

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