Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Monkey?.... or Pirate?

Sometimes I feel the need to share. Like now. So, in a fight, who wins? Monkey or Pirate? Pirate or Monkey? So this is all from the back pages of a very fine comic called "Invincible" (best site I could find for it, but it looks old & incomplete), possibly the most fresh and energetic comic to come out in years, definitely for anythiing involving capes. Created by Robert Kirkman (who still writes & letters) & Cory Walker, and drawn by Ryan Ottley(who I assume is responsible for the art in the back pages too) and colored by Bill Crabtree, it's very good. I encourage you all to go out and buy it. And, as should be understood, all art above belongs to them, and their publisher, Image, so please don't sue. I come here to praise Caeser, not steal his shit. Actually, the only person I know who reads this blog & buys comics is Karlee, and she's got access to my issues, but I encourage the rest of you to start buying, and buy this. See, this helps my capitalist conscience. Anyway, to get back to the book in question, The characters are accessible, the art is fun, and the plots are equal parts amusing moments and intriguing storylines. It's not a big-2 book laden down with decades of continuity, it's not a post-ironic reconstructionist book, it's just a good superhero book unafraid to do the whole thing straightforwardly, and trust that it brings something new to the table, which it does. btb, the back pages have nothing to do with the regular book in terms of characters, art style, story, nothing.

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